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1] D.M.L.T : Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician Course (2Yrs Course)

Diploma Lab Technology is a branch where Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, and Anatomy and Physiology subjects are teached along with that various Laboratory Procedures like Blood Sugar Estimation, Bilirubin, Urea Creatinine estimation etc., are learned

HistoPathological procedures like are learned
Biospy, FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology)

Microbiology in this subject various bacteria and it's staining culture sensitivity is learned.

2] D.M.I.T : Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology Course (2Yrs Course)

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology is a branch where various imaging procedures like X-Ray, Ultrasound Scan, CT Scan (Computer Tomogram), MRI Scan (Magnetic Resonance Image) procedures along with that various procedures are learned. Radiographic Anatomy is alos learned in this course.

3] D.R.A : Diploma in Radiographic Assistant Course (2Yrs Course)

It is a branch concerned with the various Radiographic procedures and physics related to the x-ray and it's priniciples are learned. Another side student will learn about special procedures like Barium Meal X-ray, Intravenous Pyelogram procedures are learned.

4] D.Daily : Diploma in Dialysis Technician Course (2Yrs Course)

A branch of science deals with the various Dialysis Techniques and principles and also study kidney diseases and it's related pharmacotherapy

5] Dip.Opthal : Diploma in Opthalmic Assistant Course (DOA Course 2 Yrs)

Opthalmic Assistant course is concerned with the study of the eye and eye disorders and vision testing for vision errors and also assists in the eye surgeries in opthalmology clinics.

6] D.Cardio : Diploma in Cardiolog Technician Course (2Yrs Course)

This branch is concerned with the study of Cardiac diseases and E.C.G., T.M.T, Holter Monitoring, Instrumentation and Cath Lab Techniques along with clinical training in all concerned departments.

7] D.Anaes : (Diploma in Anaesthesia Technician Course (2Yrs Course)

This branch is concerned with the various Anaesthetic Agents and introduction methods to the patients and it's Dosage, Complications which is encountered during Anaesthesia.

8] D.Cath Lab : Diploma in Cathlab Technology Course (2Yrs Course)

It is concerned with the Cath Lab Techniques and it's procedures which involves in passing catheter in the blood vessels of the heart and able to detect the blocks(Atheroma's) in Coronary arteries with the help of imaging.

9] D.ECG : Diploma in E.C.G Technician Course (2Yrs Course)

It is concerned with E.C.G. and it's procedure. In this course technician will be familiar about E.C.G. techniques and Holter Monitoring, Tread Mill Test, I.C.C.U Work.

10] M.P.H.A. : Multipurpose Health Assistant (2Yrs Course)

This course is useful for learning various basic Nursing procedures and community health programmes like vaccines and public health and Hyeigene, Awareness Programms.

11] INTER MLT : Intermediate Medical Lab Technology (2Yrs Course)

This course is recognised by the board of Intermediate, A.P. It;s course is designed in a sucy way that student will become independently Lab Technician able to run laboratory individually. After completion of course student is eligible for Higher education like B.Sc (Medical Laboratory Technology) and so on.

12] M.P.H.W (F) ; Multipurpose Health Worker (F) (2Yrs Course)

This course is also recognised by the board of Intermediate, A.P. Training will be in all Departments of medical and surgical areas. Basic Nursing Education will be taught, eligible for Higher B.Sc (N) Courses.




Must Complete 16(Sixteen) years of age and maximum no upper age limit Para Medical Course.



Selection is made on the basis of marks Obtained in the qualifying examination by selection committee,consisting of Joint Collector, Chairman, DMHO, Member, Convenor, Superintendent Dist. Head Quarters Hospital(Member), Deputy Director Social Welfare(member).                                                                  

Deputy Director Social Welfare (member) and concerned Principal of the Institutions(member),Rule of reservation as per Government existing rules are followed. Management seats filled by the College Management.




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